In the early years there was no plan for the apple crops, apart from eating a few. Many a rambler passing through the orchard on the footpaths may also have enjoyed a few "scrumped" apples. Most of the apples dropped to the ground and rotted, an outcome for many apples (and other fruit) up and down the land.  More on that elsewhere……as I also harvest and collect, selectively, other people's unwanted apples. 

Since 2011 things have changed. I'm now producing thousands of bottles of juice and cider!  Many varieties of apples go into the juice, some cookers and some dessert. This creates the wonderful flavours people adore - expecially as they aren't too sweet. As the season progresses and growth continues, the sugar content of the apples changes.  This also creates variation of taste for the apple juice. I have lost count of the number of people praising the juice for being the best they have ever drunk! The blending clearly works.

"I prefer the uniqueness of not knowing exactly what one is getting"

Much as we’d like to wait until everything has fallen to the floor to pick it up and use it, thereby guaranteeing maximum maturation, it’s simply impractical and would be excessively laborious. Many people prefer the uniqueness of not knowing quite what in each bottle, other than glorious and enthusiastically acclaimed juice!  

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