We have had many glowing testimonials, and they are hugely rewarding. Here are a few.

12.5.18. I bought a case of a dozen Tower Brue ciders from your stall at Wincanton Races on Thursday evening.
To my shame I have only had my first bottle (it's now Saturday), but it must be the best artisan cider that I have ever tasted and I would like to say thank you very much. Keep up the good work!
Robert Byrt (Dulverton)

19.8.18 Mid-Somerset Show - three guys (George and his mates) kept coming back exclaiming this to be the best cider that they'd ever tasted and really "apple-y". I said it wasn't a surprise as we only use apples and no watered down concentrate etc!

25.8.18: Roger C-O: "Both Jane and I thought, quite honestly, that it was really excellent. A good balance, nice body, not too strong, mellow flavours with a bit of richness and no single dominant tone. Very good batch." His kind daughter had brought it to them!