to Dec 23

Quedam, Yeovil

We will be in the Quedam with a pitch selling you lots of lovely apple juice and cider.  As we will be right beside the car park it will be easy for you to take away!

Our cider will be available as bag-in-a-box or in bottles (from 1 to 12!).  The apple juice will be in bottles (including cases of 12).

We will also be able to offer you some lovely mulled cider or apple juice.

We will be operational from c.10a.m. - 4p.m. each day although on Thursday's we'll be there late until 7pm!

SSDC Cartgate June 17.jpg
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12:00 PM12:00

Dowding's Launch Party

To celebrate the launch of my new cider and apple juice range it seems only fitting to hold a party at the peak of the apple blossom season!

Bring your family and friends to my lovely orchard situated in the heart of Shepton Montagute and party amongst the apple blossoms...

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